3D Scanning

dich vu quet 3d

The 3DS’s modern 3D Scanner for scanning any objets. Unlimited size, material. With precision and fastest time. System equipment is always ready and able...[Read more]

Mold Design

thiet ke khuon mau 3dss

3DS provide the mold design service as a total package, from consulting mold design match with the budget and the CNC workshop’s capacity, 3D design [ Read more …]

Pressure Die Casting

phan tich khuon duc kim loai

We provide a Die Casting CAE services bureau. Our CAE services will help you to avoid costly of mold trials and avoid the error on the prototype such as: airtrap, warpage,… [ Read more]

Reverse Enginerring

dich vu thiet ke nguoc-3dss

With a team of experienced engineers, highly-professional trained. From 2009 until now, 3DS has been provided to domestic and foreign customers reverse engineering solutions... [Read more]

Concept Design

dich vu thiet ke theo y tuong yeu cau

We offer the Concept Design services for customer to help them accelerate time to delivery their products into the market and improve the efficiency of product design [Read more ]

Reverse Engineering Training

cong ty dao tao thiet ke nguoc

The objective of the course enables learners to use Rapidform XOR software proficiency to build 3D models of products from the 3d scandata. Students can understand [ Read more ]

Rapid Prototyping


There are two core elements of competition in the market: design variety and reasonable prices. Just one solution was able to meet two above issues: Rapid Prototyping... [Read more]

Plastic Injection Molding

phan tich khuon ep nhua

Moldex3D is the world leading CAE solutions in the injection molding industry. With best analysis and simulation technology, Moldex3D helps you choose the right options in Mold design process. [ Read more ]

3D Scanning Building

so hoa cong trinh 3d

Preliminary inspection is an indispensable component of building renovation or relocation of factory equipment. High-density 3D point clouds can be widely utilized for generating as-built drawings and simulation of piping or equipment installation. [ Read more ]

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