3D Smart Solutions – 11 years of Establishment and Development

3D Smart Solutions in the early days of August is became unusually fun. “It is near to our birthday guys”. Eleven years of developing 3D Smart Solutions are 11 memorable years.

Establishment day of 3D Smart Solutions

August 9th, 2009 - August 9th, 2020, a common celebration for every 3DS brothers and sisters. 3DS anniversary celebration is always a colorful emotional painting adorned with the personal feelings of the 3DS-ers.

2020 is indeed a year of events. In the midst of the pandemic complicated developments. 3DS can just create a warm family party. We miss our close customers, every year, we "give or receive" and then "don't get drunk" together.

"Homegrown" photos series celebrating the 11th anniversary of 3D Smart Solution.

11 years of Establishment party

Being held right after work on the evening of August 7, 2020, the party was started with friendly words.

Mr. Truong Tan Tong, CEO said: "As you know, every year the company is grateful to its longtime employees with gold bars. I only has a small dream, in the near future, on the birthday of 3DS, I will be awarded gold to all 3DS members present at that time. "

At the same time, everyone: "Oh my god, your dream is so “small”!"

Awarded longtime employees with gold bars

Let’s party!!!!

Like when traveling, the 3DS team always shouted the slogan "Play hard, work hard". Now before the party, the entire 3DS army said in unison "Eat hard, everyone!"

3DS team swept the buffet table
The level of focus is extremely high. You can be assured that 3DS is the same in work
Cheers! Bottom-up at 3D Smart Solutions
Mr. Truong Tan Tong - CEO of 3D Smart Solutions, is embracing the 3D Smart Solutions cake in his arms.

It has been 11 years, follow us, and stay with us Dear Customers

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About 3D Smart Solutions:

Like it said, 3D Smart Solutions is the field that we are embracing. Since the beginning, we have received numbers of trust domestic and foreign customers. It is reflected through projects that we have participated in, at markets of Vietnam, America, Korea, and Japan. Our customers spread in every industry, from government bodies, education institutions, universities, to global designers and manufacturers