Facial 3d Scannning With Shinning 3d Einscan-Pro At TCT Asia

At last year’s TCT Asia + Personalize, desktop 3D printing manufacturer Shining3D said their long-term goal is to be one of the best companies in the 3D technologies industry.

A year on they’re building on that by introducing another product to their popular consumer offering in the form of an all-in-one handheld scanner that’s designed to capture everything from small household items to an entire human body.
The EinScan-Pro is a simple multi-purpose 3D scanner that can scan objects within a range of just 3 centimetres to 4 metres. Using a white light LED, the device can scan at an accuracy up to 0.05 millimetres and can do so at rapid speeds that can provide accurate digital data within seconds.

3D scanning demo on Shining3D booth.
3D scanning demo on Shining3D booth.

I put the EinScan-Pro to the test at TCT Asia + Personalize to see just how well it can capture a face. It was a little difficult to remain focused due to the intensity of the light and scan speed however, after just 3 full scans of my face - one for the initial outline and the final two for any missing details - the results were quite impressive. What's more it's a fairly simple device to get to grips with, with its freestyle image capture making it easy to go over an object to rectify any particular details and a simple user interface to view the captured data.

quet-3d-khuon-mat-voi-may-einscan-pro-tai-trien-lam-tct-chau (2)

The EinScan-S is aimed at entry level users and at an expected price tag of just under $4,000 for the basic pack when it hits the market this May, it is competitively priced compared to similar products in its class. Visitors to TCT Asia can find out more on stand G16 at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing.

Source: www.tctmagazine.com

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