Formlabs Form 3B in the war against Covid-19

During the long war against Covid-19, medical supplies became increasingly scarce. It should mention the serious shortage of nasopharyngeal test strip (Nasopharyngeal (NP) swab). And this is where the Biomedical 3D Printer Formlabs Form 3B shows its value.

swab, form 3b


During the long war against Covid-19, medical supplies became increasingly scarce. It should mention the serious shortage of test strips (Nasopharyngeal swabs).

swab, form 3b

The test strip is often used in testing for influenza and other respiratory infections. These are small, flexible rods that are passed through the nose into the nasal cavity to take a fluid sample. The test strip is specially designed to capture the test fluid for experimentation.


After identifying the problem of oversupply that the whole world is facing. USF Health's 3D Clinical Division has designed the first test strip. In collaboration with Northwell Health and Formlabs to research and develop design and safety materials for replacing injection molding production with 3D Printing.

According to Freddy Boey - National University of Singapore (NUS)

"The manufacturing process using 3D printing technology will be faster than injection molding technology, allowing the production of hundreds of test strips within minutes."

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For the first week, the team worked together to produce a sample of test strips. Test it in the laboratories of USF Health and Northwell Health. Over the next two days, they developed a complete model using the Formlabs Form 3B 3D Printer with biocompatible materials.

swab, form 3b


3D print test strips have passed all tests and are currently being manufactured. Significant milestones in test strips testing were performed by researchers from the USF Department of Health at the Department of Radiology and Infectious Diseases in collaboration with Northwell Health, including validation tests (24 hours, 3 days and screening) and quick clinical trial at Northwell Health and Tampa General Hospital. All tests show that the 3D printed test strips work about the same or better compared to the traditional type used to collect nose and throat secretions.

The above test strips are classified as Class I medical devices. Exemption from pre-marketing notification requirements, production registration, and product listing.

Charles J. Lockwood, MD, MHCM -  senior vice president of USF Health and Dean of the USF MORSANI MEDICAL COLLEGE.

"This is a prime example of the incredible impact on people's lives when expert groups from education, health and high technology work together. In the current COVID-19 outbreak, we don't have time for delays. The quick, flexible and experienced action of everyone will greatly improve patient testing capabilities"

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swab, form 3b

3D nasopharyngeal test strips with biomedical devices with Formlabs Form 3B have been FDA-approved for safety and can be used in medicine.

Dimension Parameter

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Surgical Guide Resin is a material that is not toxic to living cells, does not cause sensitization or irritation, in accordance with ISO 109933-1: 2018.
Total Length


Strips head Diameter


Strips head Length


Diameter of test strip neck


Diameter of test strip body


Breaking point location (70mm)
swab, form 3b


Form 3B is an upgraded 3D printing device specifically for biomedical materials. An accurate, reliable ecosystem helps users get rid of speculative jobs, thereby speeding up workflows with just a few clicks.

Form 3B, like Form 3, uses advanced Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology. Greatly reduces the forces acting in the printing process, improving both surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the printed model.

Form 3B can print with a variety of Class I and Class IIA biocompatible plastic materials. Suitable for a wide range of dental applications including surgical guides, braces, bite protection and digital dentures. As in the above case is the production of test strips.

It can also print other non-biocompatible materials designed for health professionals, such as Formlabs Model Resin.

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