Dear our beloved customer,

Choosing the right path at the beginning is something that anyone and every business craves. This first step is also one of the criteria to growing fast and reaching a successful career. However, satisfying customers’ needs at a worthwhile cost is a problem that seems simple but turns out to not be easy at all.

Beginning with the 3D Technology Service Centre, after 5 years of research and development, in 2014, I founded 3D Smart Solutions with the aim of supplying lump-sum 3D technology solutions. In over 12 years of operation, we have been fortunate to receive credibility from many manufacturers in Vietnam, the US, Korea, and Japan. To be able to get to this day was a long journey with a lot of trial and failure when we tried to set up our business models and the target products in the domain of 3D technology.

Our first business model at 3D Smart Solutions is to distribute high-end 3D printers and scanners from the top 3 brands in the world. The cost is obviously not cheap, but in return, the quality and durability of the machine have been proven over time. Even after 10 years, they are still in good condition. However, due to high-standard manufacturing, with extra costs of operating, maintaining, and repairing machines, it is hard for SME companies, schools, institutes, and domestic organizations to approach this solution as the price was too high.

Undaunted, I try a different angle by switching to lower product lines with low-cost, then launching products with high sales expectations and patiently waiting to see how the market responds to them. Along with that, learning from previous mistakes, I used 3 to 4 years of travel through many countries, like Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and even the US, to learn and seek the correct business way. The loneliness of being far away from home and the pressure of paying fees still can’t stop me moving forward. I consider them as temporary sacrifices, which also motivates me to aim to succeed in this new segment and bring more value to my family, employees, and customers.


During the time spent inspecting similar projects that have been installed and put into operation in foreign countries, I realized what customers actually want.

“You get what you pay for” – always the right guideline. Because if I bring in low-cost products, their low-quality and technical problems will slow my company down and cause me to be less effective in developing new ideas for 3D Smart Solutions. So I decided not to join the low-cost segment as the risk was too high.

After all, the business “war” has honed my “sword of experience”. I look back at the company’s strategies since the first day of establishment, and I finally made my decision to go with the “win-win” solution.

3D Smart Solutions Company is committed to providing equipment and software that are both guaranteed and commensurate with prices, especially optimizing operating costs..

We rely on the practical needs of each organization to provide the most suitable solutions. Not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized businesses, school units, organizations, and so on…with a limited budget, they can fully approach 3D technology and apply it in an effective way.

After going through many ups and downs to verify the correctness of
solutions, we confidently advise and bring the best
value to our customers. With 3 criteria:



Optimizing time and shortening the production process



Reasonable budget and satisfy the actual job requirements



Precise at the first time for optimal results

This is how we are committed to solving the “problem” of providing 3D
technology achieving mutual success between
the customers and 3D Smart Solutions.

Technology is inherently used to serve humans. I had the chance to visit some universities in the past, and I was told that many students lack opportunities for practical experience while studying engineering at school, which is completely understandable because investing in modern machinery and equipment is feasible, but the high operating costs will be difficult to apply and are not suitable for vocational training. 3D Smart Solutions therefore aspires to bring the best technology to help the younger generation of Vietnam, so that they can have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practice in the technology segment.

We believe that, in the near future, more domestic businesses and organizations will have a more positive and forward-looking view, ready to attempt and companion with us on the community mission to create the foundation for our country’s future.

Once a country develops, it will lead to outstanding individuals, powerful businesses, and a comfortable life in the time ahead.

Best Regards!

CEO Truong Tan Tong.

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Copy rights belongs to 3D Smart Solutions Company Limited | Terms of use | Privacy policy