3D Smart Solutions new office Grand Opening

In the 14th year of development, 3D Smart Solutions (abbreviated as 3DS) celebrated the Grand opening of new office on 58/6 Vo Van Hat, Long Truong ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC. This location is located next to the Saigon Hi-Tech park with an area of 1,200 square meters. 

3DS new office grand opening
3DS new office Grand opening
The director speaks
The CEO speaks at the beginning of the ceremony

At the beginning of the grand opening ceremony, Mr. Tong Truong had a warm up speech to congratulate the remarkable achievements and sent his sincere thanks to all the guests and former employees and employees.

Moving to a totally new office shows a great success in business development for 3D Smart Solutions. Mr. Tong Truong, our Founder & CEO of 3DS, would like to provide a much better working environment to encourage & motivate employees who working for 3DS.

All the management team held each other's hands to celebrate the spirit of
All the management team held each other’s hands to celebrate the spirit of solidarity and also promise to strive for strong & sustainable development in the future.

The event took place at 13:30 pm on August 9, 2023 with the participation of more than 100 guests and partners from many industries and fields. It is known that this is the new office Grand opening and also the 14th anniversary of the establishment of the 3DS company.

The new office has two functional areas with different departments. It is integrated office and factory

The Office area is includes

  • 3D solutions showroom
  • Training room
  • Working area where company executive departments
  • Pantry
  • Especially the relax area for employees after work and for both partners and customers when visiting 3DS.

The Factory area is includes

  • 3D scanning and reverse engineering area
  • Additive manufacturing (FDM, SLA and SLS) area
  • Mastercam research and demonstration area
  • Post-processing area
  • QC / 3D inspection room

The are three parts with interesting activities

Part 1 – starting at 13:30

The program introduces 3DS company, experiences 3D scanners and reverse engineering software. In order to meet the needs of learning about product application practices, expanding information and knowledge, and also an opportunity to ask technical questions directly with experts from the company.

Training room
Training room

Part 2 – starting at 16:30

The open house with 5 specific solution stations, respectively:

  • FDM/FFF technology desktop 3D printer station
  • Industrial 3D printer station SLA & SLS
  • Reverse Engineering Solution Station, including 3D scanner and specialized software
  • Industrial design station
  • CNC machining programming solution station – Mastercam

The site tour is coordinated by a team of experienced and skilled staff in the company. Site tour is organized to introduce to customers the areas in the factory, demo specific 3D solutions for businesses. Through it, customers can observe and come into direct contact with products, 3D printed materials and Mastercam test cutting.

Additive manufacturing area
Additive manufacturing area
Mastercam Lab
Mastercam Manufacturing Lab

Part 3 – starting at 18:00

The ribbon-cutting ceremony and the dinner party. Let’s review with 3DS some photos from the ceremony.

Together with the CEO, there is a senior management team to cut the ribbon to inauguration ceremony.
Together with the CEO, there is a senior management team to cut the ribbon to inauguration ceremony.

The company's board of directors cut the cake to celebrate the company's anniversary
The company’s board of directors cut the cake to celebrate the company’s anniversary

In the moment of looking back on the past, 3DS always cherishes and sends the deepest thanks to all customers and partners who have been and will be with the company. We are confident in our commitment to professionalism in consulting, providing and technology transfer of 3D solutions, CADCAM software. In line with the company’s slogan: Be Right The First Time

3D Smart Solutions new office Grand Opening