3D Smart Solutions receives the SME100 award

The SME100 Asia Awards is considered the premier regional awards for small and medium enterprises. It has been successfully organized in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. In the ceremony debuted its first year in Vietnam, 3D Smart Solutions (3DS) was honored as one of the brightest businesses. SME100 winners 2020

In 2020, more than 612 companies were nominated. Afterward, 225 companies selected on the shortlist. Finally, 38 companies were recognized as winners. 3DS has excellently gone through the eligibility process including reviewing business results and interviews with the Council Representatives. As a result, 3D Smart Solutions was recognized as one of the winners.

As the first business to be recognized on the SME100 stage, Mr. Truong Tan Tong - CEO of 3D Smart Solutions touched:

“I am very pleased and honored to be selected as one of the leading SMEs in 2020. Standing here, I pledge that 3D Smart Solutions will constantly improve and deserve the SME100 award. Together with all other excellent SMEs, we will make Vietnam better and better every day. Thank you!"

3DS received SME100 award

Mr. William Ng - Chief Editor of SME Asia Magazine said:

“When the SME100 award was first held 11 years ago, the market and economy were very different from today. As the pace of change accelerates, so does the pace of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. That's why running a business today is far more difficult than eleven years ago. As some of Vietnam's most successful businesses; you will be carrying the flag of Vietnam internationally. With the SME100, a truly regional award, you will be carrying this flag with pride and with a sense of greater responsibility, especially since you will be the first in Vietnam to win this award.”

Here is the list of SME100 Asia winners:

1. 3D Smart Solutions Company Limited

2. 5S Consulting and Communication Company Limited

3. ABEO Vietnam Company Limited

4. The ADP Group Company

5. Babylons Joint Stock Company

6. BAP Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company

7. Baris Arch Architecture & Interiors Company

8. Black Cat Thermal Technical Joint Stock Company

9. Cargo Care Logistics Joint Stock Company

10. DataHouse Asia Consulting Joint Stock Company

11. The DBA Interiors Company

12. ELG Entertainment Joint Stock Company

13. Eteacher Tutor Company Limited

14. Givi Vietnam Company Limited

15. GUDJOB Creative and Communication Company Limited

16. HappySkin Vietnam Joint Stock Company

17. Havas Vietnam Company Limited

18. HYYH Trading Company - EQUO International

19. ICOSoft Company Limited

20. Dong Duong Integrated Technology and Solution Company Limited

21. Record Trading Service And Technology Company Limited

22. Long Hai Security Service Joint Stock Company

23. Nam Thuan Energy Investment Joint Stock Company

24. Dai Tan Viet Joint Stock Company

25. Onepro Advertising Company Limited

26. OnPoint Company Limited

27. Point Avenue Company

28. RCR Vietnam Infrastructure Engineering Company Limited

29. SAI Digital Company

30. Sonatus Company

31. Square Roots Company Limited

32. Super Cargo Service Company Limited

33. UNIMATES Education and Communication Company Limited

34. Ursin Company Limited

35. Vexos Vietnam Company

36. Viet An Environment Technology Joint Stock Company

37. Vight Company

38. Zoop Care Company Limited

Finally, how fortunate we make it to the end of 2020 so well. Thank you all!