Cubicon Single is an FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) Type 3D Printer that its extruder uses torque and a pinch system to feed and retract the filament precise amountsto printa 3-dimensional object by extruding a stream of heated or melted thermoplastic material, which is carefully positioned into layer upon layer, working from the bottom up.

It is ideal type3D printer for school/ small office providing safe operating environment with enclosed build area and small factory to make prototype and mock-ups  with high reliable and smooth surface of ABS filament print.


First Domestically Designed Replaceable Extruder:


Key features of the CubiconSingle areas following: 

* First Domestically Designed Replaceable Extruder: 

The extruder is an important critical component of the FFF-type printer, as it fuses and fabricates the filament.Cubicon Single is the first product in Korea to design and mount its own replaceable extruder. With our extruder, we help you create optimized printing environments. Just exchange the extruder when using various types of filaments. When the nozzle gets blocked, you only need to remove the part that’s giving you trouble. We have done all we can to make your printing experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

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Convection Temperature Control Function:

Since FFF printers melt material for printing, the quality of the final product is affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore the temperature circulation features of our printers have an impact on the printing quality.

Cubicon Single has implemented a convection feature that maintains the temperature inside the printer at a constant rate. Consequently, this feature prevents the product from warping. To ensure user safety, the convection feature can also quickly lower the internal printer temperature to the outside temperature after printing has been completed.

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First in the World to Apply bed with Auto Leveling Plus Function

The leveling of the heat bed? the platform for printing models?and its distance from the nozzle are significant factors that determine the printing quality. Until now, most FFF-type printers have resorted to a manual adjustment of the bed level by the user because the Auto Leveling features employed so far by some printers were not completely automatic as they were not supported by software.

The Auto Leveling Plus feature that Cubicon Single has developed performs precision measurement of the heat bed level for all printing. Thus, the space between the nozzle and the heat bed is adjusted automatically and maintained at the most optimal distance.

Furthermore, we have applied special coating to the heat bed. You no longer have the trouble of applying kapton tape to the bed. Less trouble, Better quality!

Clean Filters


HEPA Filter: removes at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 μm in diameter.

Deodorizing filter: filters harmful gases.

Purafil catalyst: filters organic compounds generated from copy printers. 


Nguồn ô nhiễm Khí bị loại bỏ Lọc xúc tác Cacbon hoạt tính
Khí thải xe cộ Hydrocarbons
Hydrogen sulfide
Nitric oxides



Khí thải sinh học Axít hữu cơ
Oxit của lưu huỳnh



Quá trình dọn dẹp/ sản xuất copiers/printers X  
Máy copy/ Máy in Ozone
Chất hữu cơ dễ bay hơi Tạp chất
Khí thải từ khu công nghiệp Acrolein
Hydrogen sulfide
Dụng cụ văn phòng Aldehydes

Ergonomic and Stylish Design + Easy-to-Use:

Cubicon Single has implemented a familiar design for our printers that will fit right into your office space. The dial button in the control panel allows you to control our printers with ease.


Máy Cubicon Single đã được thiết kế với kiểu dáng quen thuộc và phù hợp với không gian văn phòng của bạn. Các nút ấn trong bản điều khiển cho phép bạn điều khiển máy in một cách dễ dàng.

Filament Malfunction Detection Feature:

Ever run out of filament during model printing? Or filament stops printing unexpectedly? Don’t worry! Cubicon Single will automatically stop printing in such cases. It will ask you to check and troubleshoot filament issues and then continue on with the printing.

Printing all the types of plastic


Samples ( click on images )

Sample of Cubicon

Technical specifications


Size & Weight

Product Dimensions

554 x 579 x 524mm (W x D x H)

Product Weight

24 kg

Shipping Box

640 x 630 x 610mm (W x D x H)

Shipping Weight – Including products and extra accessories

About 33 kg


Ambient Operating Temperature

15 – 35oC



Storage Temperature

0 – 35OC

Electrical Information

AC requirements

110V/ 220V, 60Hz, 2.5A

Power Supply

 24 V DC @ 13A

Electricity Consumption

320W (Max)


SD Memory Card, USB Cable


Slicing Sofware Bundle


Supported File Types

.stl, .obj

Support operating system

Windows XP, Windowns 7, Mac OS


Printing Technology

FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication

Buil Volume

240 x 190 x 200 mm (W x D x H)

Layer Resolution

100 – 500 microns

Build speed

Max 300 mm/sec (0.4 mm Nozzle)

Filaments diameter

1.75 mm

Filament compatibility

ABS, PLA, TPU available

XY positioning precision

12.5 um

Z positioning precision

2.5 um

Maximun Nozzle temperature


Maximum Bed temperature



FCC, KC ( Korea )