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High Performance Selective Laser Sintering,
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A new wave of independent manufacturing and prototyping starts now with the Fuse 1. Bring production-ready nylon 3D printing onto your benchtop with an affordable, compact selective laser sintering (SLS) platform. 



The Fuse 1 is designed for minimal upkeep. A full color touchscreen interface guides you through every step of printing and maintenance.



With reduced equipment cost, affordable material, and efficient powder recycling, the Fuse 1 is the smart choice for industrial quality SLS 3D printing.



From print setup to powder recovery, our easy-to-use hardware and software are designed to maximize your efficiency at every step of the process.

Meet the Fuse 1


“The Fuse 1 saves us time and resources from having to personally machine or otherwise make parts. We can go from design to print in days, rather than weeks. That extra time can be devoted to new product development and higher priority, more complex projects, while the Fuse 1 takes care of a lot of the less functional tasks that our shop is asked to do. We use it every day whenever we can.”

Aaron Noyes, Prototype Machinist, Hypertherm


A Convenient, Intuitive Workflow

Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift


Fast, simple
print setup.

Use Formlabs PreForm print preparation software (free to download and try) to import STL or OBJ part files, orient and arrange models, estimate print times, monitor your printers, and upload job files.

PreForm’s part packing algorithms can automatically arrange many models in a build..


SLS made

During setup and printing, an intuitive Touch UI walks you through every step.

The touchscreen displays a live stream of the print bed so you can watch each new layer take shape. This camera view is also available from your computer in PreForm so you can monitor your print without leaving your desk.
Track printers, teams, and supplies via the cloud-based Dashboard.


Reliable, consistent

SLS 3D printing fuses nylon powder layer by layer. The unused powder supports the parts during printing so you can create complex, interconnecting designs with no need for support structures.

TWith patent pending Surface Armor technology, a semi-sintered shell that prints around the surface of the part, the Fuse 1 provides competitive mechanical properties and surface finish without the prohibitive cost or hassle of competitor systems.


Safe, efficient
powder recovery.

Our all-in-one powder recovery station, Fuse Sift, combines part extraction, powder recovery, storage, and mixing in a single device.

TProduce fully-functional parts at a 30% powder refresh rate—with unlimited cycles. This means you can print with up to 70% recycled powder.

Fuse Sift will dispense and mix used and new powder automatically so you can reduce waste and control your powder supply.


Designed for
nonstop throughput.

Add a second removable build chamber, compatible with the Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift, to enable continuous printing and reduce downtime.

Industry leading cooldown times allow you to start a print 1–2 hours after your previous print has finished.

Nylon Sift Powder

Nylon 12 Powder

A Material That Does It All

Balancing strength and detail, Nylon 12 Powder is a highly capable material for both functional prototyping and end-use production of complex assemblies and durable parts with high environmental stability. Our Nylon 12 Powder is specifically developed for use on the Fuse 1.

TNylon 12 available now. Nylon 11 is coming soon. A flexible TPU and other materials in development.

Tensile Strength

50 MPa

Elongation AT BREAK (X/Y)

11 %

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White Paper: Guide to SLS


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FDM vs. SLS vs. SLA



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A New Wave of Independent Manufacturing Starts Now

Rethink product development and take control of your own manufacturing. Configure your Fuse 1 setup today.

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