Laser Design Scanners

Laser Design Scanners
Unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy and one-button simplicity for non-contact automated 3D scanning inspection. Dramatically Speeds Up Quality Assurance of Incoming...
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Thor Handheld 3D Scanner

Thor3D scanner is designed specifically for scanning medium and large sized objects (1-10 meters long). It has a large field of view, it is wireless and hand-held. This means that you can take this 3D scanner in your hand, walk around the object and digitize it in minutes. It’s like using a video camera. [Read More…]

ATOS Core – 3D Optical Scanner

ATOS Core - 3D Optical Scanner
The systems ATOS is used in researching & developing products, checking quality and stabilization of the manufarturing process to help to save time  and cost. Our application is includes: Inspection quality of 3D surface, Reverse Enginerring, Rapid prototyping.[Read more...]

Shining3D 3D Scanners

shining3d-3D Scanners
Shining3D as National Torch Plan high-tech enterprises is specialized in providing the comprehensive solution for 3d digitizing technology...
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3D Scanner for Ipad, Iphone

may quet 3D danh cho Ipad, Iphone,

Discovering the strength of 3D scanning equitment on Ipad, Ipad Air, Ipad Air 2 or Ipad mini. Integrated design with mobile equitment that help you own easily the lovely moments.
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