CT Scanner with Ultra 3D Accuracy and Resolution for Large Volume Inspection

The EasyTom 130 & 150 Micro CT Scanners are x-ray inspection machines with computed tomography (CT) allowing collection of complex internal and external geometry. The EasyTom 3D CT micro and nano tomography features high resolution digital radioscopy, versatility for a wide variety of applications, 6 motion axis and large volume inspection.

The EasyTom Computed Tomography Scanner’s benefits include:

  • Great solution for verifying structure of 3D printed metal parts
  • 3D micro and nano tomography system
  • Real time high resolution digital radioscopy
  • High accuracy motorized rotation and translation axis
  • 0.25 to 250 μm/voxel resolution
  • Full inspection of large size samples
  • Modular and nano-resolution capability

About Laser Design

Laser Design, Inc., a CyberOptics (CYBE) subsidiary, has been a leading supplier of 3D scanning systems and services since 1987. Laser Design helps customers successfully solve their most complex 3D inspection, analysis, and reverse engineering challenges quickly, giving them a competitive advantage.

Local feel, world-wide 3D presence. Whether the 3D solution needed is a new 3D scanner or a service project performed in our lab or at your site - Laser Design's expert metrologists and experienced engineers have you covered – on your schedule, within your budget and with ultra accuracy & results our customers have come to expect.


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3D Computed Tomography Systems
This video will briefly explain what a 3D Computed Tomography (CT) system is, why it can be used for 3D scanning, and what you can use it for.

Case Studies

Distribution Partnership for Industrial CT 3D Scanner Announced
ct-desktom-scannerLaser Design, Inc. (LDI), a global provider of 3D scanning systems and services, announced a partnership with Rx Solutions of France for North American distribution of the Rx Solutions DeskTom CT 3D Scanner. The DeskTom system is designed to address the rapidly-growing market for 3D Dimensional Metrology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions. Rx Solutions teamed up with LDI because of LDI’s extensive experience marketing and supporting high-accuracy 3D scanning solutions.

Computed tomography (CT) scanners have the ability to scan both an object’s internal surfaces as well as external ones completely, while allowing characterization of the porosity, fiber orientation and structure of the inner materials, all within the same dataset. Most people are familiar with CT scanners in the medical field, but CT scanning for three-dimensional industrial measurement, inspection, and modeling has undergone dramatic growth over the last several years. The DeskTom CT scanner from Rx Solutions is a 3D micro-tomography and digital radioscopy system enabling previously-inaccessible internal geometries of an object to be inspected without its destruction or labor and cost intensive disassembly.

CT scanners are the ultimate solution to the problem of inspecting internal and external surfaces of a part without having to cut them open or otherwise destroy them. This makes CT scanning ideal for objects that contain internal geometries such as chambers, valves, or deep holes. Entire devices can even be CT scanned so that internal components can be viewed and analyzed in relation to one another. Because of its extreme accuracy of 5 microns over short distances, the DeskTom CT scanner is also ideal for micro-machining and micro-molded parts, a rapidly growing industry.

Industrial CT scanners are more affordable now than ever before, and their resolution and accuracy are unequalled. The DeskTom CT scanner offered by Laser Design is compact, requires no special room or location, requires little maintenance, and is the most affordable industrial CT scanner on the market. The DeskTom offers an outstanding solution to both simple and complicated 3D visualization and inspection projects at about half the price of comparable systems. With power up to 150kV and a working envelope of 230 x 250 mm, the DeskTom can be used with plastics, elastomers and metallic parts.

Laser Design utilizes Volume Graphics software for post processing CT samples, allowing structural analysis of materials, porosity analyses, and fiber orientation determination, along with complete dimensional inspection and definitions.

In addition to sales of the Rx Solutions DeskTom scanner, LDI offers 3D scanning services to customers worldwide using the DeskTom system.


3D Medical Device ScanningHeadquartered in Minneapolis, MN, the home state of Medtronic, Boston Scientific, St. Jude, 3M, and countless other medical device firms, Laser Design is no stranger to medical technology. Quality engineering and inspection are absolutely essential components of a successful medical device.

CT scanning of small, delicate, or complex medical parts is the next great leap forward in medical quality control. Whether it’s hiring scanning services like 3D modeling and inspection or purchasing scanning systems like the DeskTom MicroCT 3D CT Scanner, no medical device organization can afford not to add 3D scanning to their engineering capabilities.