Upgrades are possible if requirements or measuring tasks change.


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ATOS Scanner

The ATOS Core system can also be used in conjunction with ATOS Triple Scan or ATOS Compact Scan to provide an additional measuring volume.

ATOS Triple Scan with a resolution of up to 16 megapixel is used if either larger measuring volumes or higher resolutions are needed. This allows for the highest resolution for highly detailed, small parts with measuring volumes down to 38 mm, or for extremely fast digitizing of large objects with measuring volumes up to 2 m. When used in combination with TRITOP, the ATOS system is capable of scanning parts of over 30 m with a high resolution.

ATOS ScanBox


The ATOS ScanBox is a standardized optical 3D measuring machine with a comparable investment volume to traditional CMMs. However, the ATOS ScanBox delivers full-field surface measurements of small to large parts, easy to understand result visualizations, simple problem finding, and complete reporting.

The ATOS ScanBox is available as a version for measuring smaller parts, and a larger version designed for simple crane and forklift loading of parts and components with a diameter of up to 3 m.




GOM Scan software is designed for basic scanning tasks. Its focus lies on 3D scans which produce high-quality data for applications such as reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. The GOM Scan software is easy to use and supplies high-quality 3D polygon meshes in STL format.

ATOS Professional software is used for comprehensive shape and dimension analysis. Parametric inspection can be used to completely trace and link all actions and analysis steps in the software. Functions include selective and back projection as well as dynamic referencing for tracking, touch probes or adapter applications.