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The production process is always under control, preferably in mass production (mechanical parts, molded products) with 3D Inspection solutions. Effective in checking sizes and tolerance with 3D scanners and specialized software. Semi-automatic testing process. The full-size inspection program is carefully compiled once and reused for the next “n” products at a rapid pace.

3d inspection

3DS Company applies 3D comparison between CAD files and 3D scan data to quickly identify manufacturing defects and help you not only to detect defects in this product but, through that, find hidden kernels.

High-precision 3D scanning technology is applied to inspect the surface of any complex part, not just in a few positions but can be in different sizes and even whole surfaces.

With a modern equipment system that meets the VDI-2634 inspection standards, 3DS can provide very high-resolution and accurate 3D scanning services. This also helps to effectively check part machining errors and especially check GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) errors faster and more efficiently than traditional CMM machines.

One of the most valuable uses of 3D scanning is 3D inspection. 3D scanning data allows you to take inspection measurements at key locations, similar to traditional inspection methods but providing a more intuitive picture of the 3D Geometric Dimensioning of the product. This helps determine the right manufacturing process to ensure the required shape and size. Moreover, it helps identify implicit problems before they become costly problems.




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