Scanner is as the source of product 3D scanning, which can have high-speed precision scanning for your samples, prototype and model. And we can get 3D accurate data, combined with a special reverse engineering to make 3D reconstruction, to generate physical data format export internationally, IGS / STL and so on. Through rapid prototyping and CNC machining centers quick access to model and mold manufacturing process. You seize the chance to win the market and save valuable time.

Systems of equitment


quet mau 3d

quet mau 3d


Our 3D Scanner equipment capable of performing all large and small projects. With the following advantages:

  • High Accuracy: 0.01 ~ 0.2mm
  • High resolution: 0.01mm
  • Fast Speed: 250.000 points/ s

We provide 3D Scanning services for all field of producing  in the market, NO limited in size or materials of the product to scan 3D at 3D Smart Solutions


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