Recently, due to the broad application level and rapid development pace, the field of design is considered a branch of the cultural and creative industries sector. This design sector follows global development trends and satisfies Vietnam's development needs.
It is a field of activity with the intersection of creativity and technology, science and art, and strikes a balance between economic and social considerations. Design exists everywhere, in every aspect of our human lives.

Understanding this urgent need, we - 3D Smart Solutions (3DS) Company, provide our customers with Industrial Design services. We orient - provide - accompany our customers with the most optimal solutions, outstanding ideas, exquisite designs and high economic efficiency.

History Of Formation And Development

Certification Of Typical Products And Services of Ho Chi Minh City 2019

Reasons to choose 3DS as your strategic partner!

  1. 3DS invests in more than 28 different 3D technology equipment systems:
    • 3D scanner: Laser, blue light | Handheld, kickstand
    • 3D printer: FDM technology, DLP, Binder jetting, SLA
  2. Our 3D scanner equipment currently provides the highest accuracy and resolution.
  3. Outstanding resolution 3D printer system. The quantity of machines available is sufficient to satisfy urgent orders.
  4. The technical team has experience in correcting mold with deformed samples
  5. Meet many 3D file formats, compatible with most CAD software; 3D files after processing are not easily broken
  6. Smooth 3D surface, easy to separate mold (NURBS surface)
  7. Ensure the feasibility of all jobs, even though the product is complicated, the terrain is not favorable, or you have to move inter-provincially, go abroad to implement the project
Comments from 3DS Customers:  
    HT-Software Company (Corporate Client)
    1. Among the FDM printer lines, Cubicon's 3d printer quality is the best,
    2. Reasonable price
    3. 3DS is a genuine distributor in Vietnam,
    4. Enthusiastic, cheerful consultants, enthusiastic technical staff
    Mr. Nguyen Ba Quy (Individual customer)
    1. The Einscan-pro scanner got higher efficiency values than what I initially expected.
    2. 2.I bought the machine at the time I was focusing on a big project, and Einscan-pro was my best choice because it helped me successfully implement the project.
    3. I have already recommended this 3D scanner to some friends in the industry.
  • Consulting the correct items for the right needs
  • Provide customers with thorough explanations of the areas they are still uncertain of,
  • Wide product range, so there is always a solution that fits the customer's budget,
  • Applying a professional information management system, ensuring even the most difficult requirements of customers such as information security, deadlines, and integrating technical requirements into each ID job/project throughout the implementation process.,

Investigate and research the market

With the economy developing, the competition in the market increasing, businesses understand that it is not easy for consumers to spend money to buy their products when there are thousands of products on the market with the same features. In addition to quality, usability, and price, the design of the product is also a very important factor for consumers to decide whether to buy that product or not.

“Demand outweighs supply” is a short phrase that describes the human resource market of the current Product Design industry. Businesses and companies are now paying more attention to the design of their products before launching them on the market, trying to avoid going into the "traditional design" rut. This is an environment that opens up great potential for the Industrial Design industry.

Product brand identity

More than just product design, Industrial design Service is closely associated with the graphic design and multimedia industry. Through the use of colors, symbols, and messages, we build the design language as well as convey the brand and identity of the customer's firm on their products.

dịch vụ thiết kế kiểu dáng công nghiệp

Emotional connection

The goal and primary focus of producers and designers of industrial products is always the consumer.
User experience is a top priority, being one of the first issues to be analyzed before embarking on design work.
We develop products according to the criteria of creating an emotional connection with users. By integrating three elements aesthetic - functional - emotional. Optimize them to create the best user experience.


One of the key components, the cornerstone of our business, is ergonomics. Our 3DS industrial design service provides comfort and a great experience for our clients and even choosy consumers. We have faith to stand in front of the challenge of excellent technology development and the product development cycle.

Ergonomic – Ergonomics is the secret behind the comfort of every industrial product.

The design must ensure that it is easy to fabricate and assemble (DFMA)

Along with a series of product design activities, 3DS will perfect your products with 3D structural design development services.
By a team of engineers with over 10 years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering. 3DS is capable of providing flexible options, we work closely with our customers to determine and manage costs through the use of appropriate techniques, materials, or manufacturing methods.


Design optimization > Manufacturing optimization > Product cost optimization.

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100% of projects are implemented only after signing the Non-disclosure agreement. Customers are completely assured of information security and ideas about their projects.
Three-layer control system:

- Commitment from the Board of Directors
- Commitment from the staff
- Supported devices: Surveillance camera, Decentralized Server system, USB key software

Refer to the NDA form (bilingual Vietnamese - English), please contact us via hotline: 028 888 99 039

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