About XOR Basic Course

The goal of this course is to give users how to use Rapidform XOR to build parametric models from mesh data referring to its design intents. You will teach them how to use the Mesh commands to edit polygon data, the Region commands to generate or modify regions, the Feature commands to make solid or surface and the Ref. Geometry commands to create reference plane, vector, point, etc.

After this course, users can have the understanding of modeling process and basic concept in XOR. XOR gives users benefits that dramatically save redesigning time with mesh data than conventional work process.

Target Trainees

  • The trainees attending this course may have:
  • Experience with the Windows operating system
  • Basic Knowledge of modeling software
  • Experience with reverse engineering field
  • Experience with other reverse engineering software


We suggest the standard syllabus in XOR basic training that any users in the world receive the same high quality of XOR training by resellers or application engineers. However this syllabus can be changeable depending on the users’ level or their interesting. For the higher efficiency of training, you might reorder the schedule or use other materials.