3DS Branding Story

cau chuyen thuong hieu 3DSS thanh 3DS

2009 marked the beginning of a 3D Technology service center, the first 3D Technology consultancy and solution provider in the South of Vietnam. Young engineer-entrepreneur Truong Tan Tong transitioned from a professional 3D Service center to a business that specializes in offering general 3D solutions in the product development process of corporations after many years of continuous improvement. Since then, the company has been known as 3D Smart Solutions abbreviated as 3DSS

(CEO Truong Tan Tong | HTV7-Channel “The story of my life”)

3dss tro thanh 3ds

After 11 years of constant development and innovation, we -3DSS have gradually strengthened our position in the 3D technology field to both domestic and international clients.

3D Smart Solutions obtains the trust and reputation of the customers by providing intelligent solutions with high-quality customer service and values.

The field of 3D technology has been widely developing around the world with numerous new innovations adding steadily more value to society. Therefore, to bring the 3D Smart Solutions brand stands out more in the market and makes it simpler for clients and partners to identify, We would like to officially announce the change of the company's acronym from 3DSS to 3DS.

Letter from CEO of 3DS to customers and partners.

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