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Our solutions, products and services here in 3D Smart Solutions are customized to the customer practical needs.

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3D Smart Solutions - 3D Printer, 3D Scanner and MasterCAM software in Vietnam and nearby countries

TCT (Time Compression Technologies)

The solutions, equipment and services that we provide to the market share the same criteria: to optimize time, shorten production processes and increase profits for customers.


Our mission is to serve all customers attentively. Moreover, we always consider ensure the balance of budget and efficient requirements of the customer. This is not easy but we are committed to solving, in order to achieve bilateral success between the customer and 3DS.

Be Right The First Time

After many years of experience in consulting and providing 3D solutions for domestic and foreign markets, receiving instruction from our strategic clientele. 3DS experts are confident to help customers understand the technology application process. Using MIS and CRM systems in managing information on technical requirements and deadlines. Be Right the First Time is our criterion for activities and development.

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Our business model

At 3DS, our business partners are identified as customers, employees and school agencies. Depending on their position in the value chain and the services we provide to each other.

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